Giving girls choices
across East Africa

ITH's flagship programme is based out of Kenya, with operations in Uganda launching in 2021. ITH mostly works in urban and peri-urban areas, in contexts where there are a range of health provider options, so that girls have a choice on where they seek their service.

Leaving no girl behind

ITH works mostly with adolescent girls aged 15-19, and targets areas where there are large populations of young people, as well as areas that are the poorest and most marginalized. ITH utilises community mobilisers to support girls to use the platform, especially those who do not have access to a phone. ITH also works with community-based organisations targeting the most marginalized groups, such as adolescents living with HIV, sex workers, those at risk of sexual violence, and girl’s in age-disparate relationships.


Empowering girls from our HQ in Nairobi, Kenya, we also have an office in Kampala and a remote team in the UK to give a hand to all our global operations.

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