Giving girls

ITH uses tech that allows girls to access a number of different services through a mobile phone or a membership card. The rating system lets them share their experiences, and they have the power to shape what a girl-friendly provider looks like to them.

Reaching girls everywhere

Girls get to use our platform for free, improve services with their voices, and spread the word to each other organically. This means we’ve been able to reach 500,000 girls in Kenya, and counting.

Taking over tech

Powered by ITH’s partner Triggerise, we use AI technology to track services and real-time data to understand user behaviour to adapt health services. So we can scale up nudges that have a high impact, while scaling down less impactful interventions with ease.

Bold behaviour economics

Girls are given behavioural nudges that suggest and influence positive behaviour, like sharing user ratings and loyalty points that can be redeemed in local shops. This allows girls to make live-saving decisions around their health and encourages them to re-invest in the local economy.

Funding that’s future-facing

Funders have the opportunity to impact the lives of millions of girls knowing they are making a difference. The risks are lower when it comes to financing ITH due to our unique position of tracking daily data insights to course-correct and respond to the needs of girls in real time. In 2020 we secured the world’s first Development Impact Bond in adolescent sexual and reproductive health in partnership with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and UK aid.



Empowering girls from our HQ in Nairobi, Kenya, we also have an office in Kampala and a remote team in the UK to give a hand to all our global operations.

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