Choice has
no limits

She chooses, she takes action, she's in control. We believe every girl should be in control of her sexual and reproductive health choices.


ITH was founded by Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), Well Told Story, Marie Stopes, along with Triggerise who began delivering this programme on the ground in 2017, and developed the technology behind the service.

In just three years, ITH has made a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of girls in Kenya, with the aim of empowering millions more as we keep growing.

A a result of this success, the ITH entity was formally established in 2020 by CIFF to lead the global expansion of the ITH programme into other countries in Africa. Triggerise is a key strategic partner, managing and updating the technology that powers the platform based on user-feedback, with ITH focusing on operational implementation, fundraising and insight-generation.

Unswerving when it comes to our values.

A start-up that's nimble, lean and quick to respond.


Putting girls in the driving seat at all times – this is a rights-based approach to healthcare. Girls deserve to be powerful, so everything we do is centred around their needs, first and foremost.

Future thinking

Designed for a young, urban and digital audience – the future female demographic of Africa. We believe innovation means better choices for girls. From our approach to investment, to how we work with partners, all the way through to our digital platform, we think forward.


Greater health outcomes for girls is a top priority. That’s why our Triggerise-powered digital platform offers unique transparency when it comes to spending and impact. And accountability comes from using real-time data tracking, and our digital dashboard.


Because of our inbuilt digital design, ITH can be course-corrected to deliver services that meet the needs of girls in any moment.


Empowering girls from our HQ in Nairobi, Kenya, we also have an office in Kampala and a remote team in the UK to give a hand to all our global operations.

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